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Building an online course requires the right tools. From the design process, to production, to deployment, we’ve got you covered with the right recommendations to get the job done.

Disclaimer – Please Read

We are an affiliate of many of the tools and platforms recommended below. We partner with the companies that offer these tools given our deep expertise in using them. As an affiliate, every time you click the link below and make a purchase, we receive a brief commission. You don’t pay anything more than normal retail price. Please only purchase these products if you believe they will help you in creating your online course.

Productivity Tools


Trello is a card based project management tool. It is a great tool for managing the production of your online course lessons, keeping you on time and on target. 


Mural is an online visual collaboration workspace. It can be used for many aspects of your online course creation process. It is especially powerful for creative brainstorming.

Video Production

Cannon EOS 80D

The Cannon EOS 80D is a great kit with a quality camera for online course videos. This DSLR is one of the best sellers on Amazon. The kit comes with many helpful accessories.

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Sony HXR-NX100

The Sony NX100 camcorder does an amazing job with the video and audio aspect of your online course videos. This is the camera of choice if you choose to go with a camcorder.

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Nikon D5600

Nikon cameras are consistently rated as top of the line video cameras. The D5600 will give you great looking videos for your online courses with quality that will last you years.

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Video Lighting

LimoStudio Umbrella Kit

A great starter umbrella kit that includes 2 umbrellas and 1 light stand and is great for getting the right lighting for your online course videos.

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HPUSN Softbox Kit

With a bit more lighting controls, this softbox kit is great for video shoots when you need to have more control over your lighting.

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GVM 2-Pack Lighting Kit

A bit more of a higher end kit, but one that is packed with a ton of options for the money. Even comes with an app to control your lighting. 

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Video Hosting Platforms

Vimeo PRO

Vimeo PRO is an excellent portal for hosting videos for your online course. They offer tiered plans that cover all your potential needs. Their platform will keep your videos secure and accessible only from your online course as they have a variety of video level security settings.


Wistia is another great platform for hosting your online course videos. They specialize in using videos to increase your brand awareness. Their platform goes beyond just hosting by providing additional capabilities in video creation and growing your online presence.




Camtasia is the industry leading software for creating screen capture videos for your online course. It is also a video editing tool for post-production updates.

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DiVinci Resolve

DiVinci Resolve is a free, fully functional video editing tool. It gives you the ability to easily make cuts to your online course videos, while adding bells and whistles where needed.



Audacity is a free, open source audio editing software that is available on any platform. It allows the most novice editor to improve the quality of online course audio. 

Course Deployment


Teachable allows you to easily build a website to sell your online courses. You can use it to deploy a stand alone school, or link it to your existing website. Teachable manages the online course infrastructure for you so you can focus on your course content.


LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that will turn your website into a Learning Management System to deploy all your online courses. It works with most WordPress themes and is the #1 choice for many businesses and schools.



Udemy is an online marketplace that brings together the student and teacher. Deploying your course with Udemy is seamless and gives you access to over 24 million students instantly. Udemy has become the industry leader to deploy online courses. 

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